The Farm

We bought Slowpoke Farm in 2000. After trying to eat healthy, while living in the big city of Houston, we realized we were destined for the country and raising our own food. We landed in Eastland County and have never looked back.

As we developed the farm, ‘like minded’ people sought us out. Within five (5) years we were selling grass-fed beef and free range eggs at the farmers market in Abilene. Over the next ten years we added pork, duck eggs, seasonal produce and baked goods.

We strive to be the best stewards possible. We have been chemical free since buying the farm and our animals are treated like animals. Chickens and duck are free range, pigs and cows are outside every day and everyone eats a diet appropriate for them. We feel a responsibility to the land, animals and resources that the Lord has entrusted with us.

The last few years we have utilized interns to help in the garden and with regular chores. We hope to continue this practice. We need more small farmers and we love to educate and share our experience with those taking this path.