Happy Mulching

Even Bunny sees the benefit of a well mulched garden. Our only complaint is when she tries to remove the mulch to lay in the cool, moist dirt. Once and awhile she’ll lay on top of it – good doggie.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to mulch your garden. Your plants will thank you. Your checkbook paying the water bill will thank you. It’s hot and dry and each day we walk the garden, we are thrilled with how it  looks – thanks to the mulch, and to Nick who hauled most of it.

Yes, the bugs like to hide in the mulch, so we usually wait until the plants are strong enough to survive some nibbling. Or we might start by putting the mulch 6 inches from the plant and then move it closer in a week or two.
Mulch can be leaves, old hay or shredded yard waste. If we are trying to also control weeds, we’ll put cardboard or feed sacks under the mulch. We did this in our blackberry rows, where the plants are 4 feet apart. Happy mulching!