Preparing for Next Year

I guess preparing for next year, in the beginning of July, may not sound like a Slowpoke characteristic, but we are doing it. All the garden rows are planted and we’re waiting on things to produce or ripen so we are tending to the perennials.

Nick is working on the two (2) asparagus rows. Anyone who grows asparagus knows that they are always surrounded by weeds. Weeding is difficult because the stalks grow individually, straight from the ground, so if you pull wrong you just took out a plant. The job was made worse by all the ants nesting around the plants. Just when the chiggers are gone, Nick’s dealing with ant bites.

Blackberries are perennials also. This year’s new growth is what will product berries next year. And the plants look great. Last year we didn’t get much new growth and we’ve had less berries this summer. Kerry has been tying up the new canes and then we’ll cut out all the old ones. The plants were given a lot of good compost and mulch
and they are loving it.