Slowpoke Team Opportunity 2020

Slowpoke Farm is a 20 year chemical free farm, south of Cisco, Texas. Our operation is diverse. We raise some livestock; jersey cows, heritage pigs and some poultry. We garden a few acres, which includes fruit trees, perennial and annual vegetables. Recently, we transitioned from selling at farmer’s markets to a retail store and restaurant serving lunch. We have less time to farm which creates a unique opportunity for a couple interested in farming.

We are offering a comfortable furnished apartment, utilities (except internet), some food and ample garden space for your own production. You would benefit and learn from our 20 years of diverse farming.

In exchange you would provide us the following: perform daily chores, help with our garden and orchard areas (weeding, planting, harvesting) maintain the farm grounds (mowing, etc.), assist with firewood.

We are looking for a couple who has experience and a continued interest in chemical free gardening/farming. Experience growing a garden and raising livestock is required; preferably in Texas or a similar climate. Skills and personal characteristics that are important are: self initiative, being able to work without supervision, trouble shooting and problem solving, some mechanical/maintenance aptitude, integrity, work ethic, good physical condition. Sorry, no dogs.

We estimate you would spend about 30 hours a week on Slowpoke tasks, leaving the two of you with plenty of time to work on your own garden or hold a job off the farm. We are looking for a one year commitment, but would consider anything over six (6) months.

We think this is a great opportunity for someone considering a farming career. The risk and investment is low and we will openly share our lessons learned and knowledge. Interested people should respond with a resume and cover letter and email to  We will contact everyone we hear from.