Soaking Pecans

How To Prepare Pecans

After a few people asked me about soaking pecans, something they read in the newspaper article, I decided to share a little more information.

When we started farming in 2000, the driving force was to feed our bodies better, healthier. We chose the name Slowpoke Farm, after a global grassroots organization called Slow Food. Slow Food promotes local food and traditional cooking. For us, this change in life style meant three things; eating less processed foods, knowing the source of our food and preparing meals for maximum nutrition.

Soaking pecans in salt water and slowly drying them is a great example of this philosophy. We source the pecans from a small farm outside Deleon. I have met the wife and pickup directly from them. Nuts have an enzyme inhibitor that interferes with digestion. Traditional cultures would soak them and lay them out in the sun to dry. This process makes a nut easier to digest than a raw nut, and it also makes the nutrients more available during digestion.

Whole grains also contain enzyme inhibitors, which is why some people have difficulty digesting them. All of the breads we bake go through a soaking process, and are held at least 12 hours before shaping and baking. Grains can also be soaked before grinding for optimal processing. For more information on the proper preparation of grains, the two best resources we have found are: Weston A. Price Organization and The Healthy Home Economist, Sarah Pope.

One caveat – we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned with others, but you need to know we are not purist, nor perfect. Yes, you will see us enjoying a meal out and as you know we offer ‘recreation’ foods such as pie and cookies.

Lunch Specials: If you plan to join us for lunch this week we will serve a Chili Soup in addition to Beans and Cornbread.

Eat well, be well,
Kerry and Joy