Start Small and be Observant

When we talk to people getting started in farming or gardening, we have a couple things we share with every person.  First, we tell them to start small.  Don’t buy 1,000 chickens or plant 5 acres of watermelons, right off the bat.  We learned so much from the first 25 chickens, the first two (2) pigs, one row of okra.

The second, and related lesson we share, is to be observant; spend time watching, inspecting and look for change.  Kerry observes his animals and plants all the time.  He notices changes better than anyone.  I’ve heard him instruct an intern to watch one cow.  Just spend time every day watching the same cow; notice eating patterns, body changes, every thing.  If you start small and really observe, you will have more success as you grow.   If you try different things, being observant is critical; otherwise your experiments will yield you no value.

What we are observing right now at the farm is green growth, and lots of it!  It’s so exciting to walk the garden rows.  The fruit trees have fruit and the black berries are in full bloom.  Enoch has the garlic and onions really well weeded.  The garlic scapes (flowers) have appeared and will be cut, so the plants’ energy will go into making bulbs.  And of course the weeds are going crazy.

Be well,Kerry and Joy